Welcome to The Calf Company

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our selves The Calf Company. In the ever changing and fast paced industry of Agriculture there is a growing need for businesses within the industry to move forward and grow at an ever increasing pace, all as economically and efficiently as possible.

With our milk replacers and all of our products we source the highest quality & best value for money products available. Our suppliers offer a full traceability package guaranteeing product safety and security. The full range of milk replacers have been formulated to perform under UK market conditions and have been tested in all feeding systems to ensure their performance. We aim to offer you the support, advice and services to assist in the growth & development of your livestock.

The Calf Company offers a full range of specialist calf housing. Suitable for a range of rearing systems from individual calf pens to dedicated calf buildings.

The "Optima Climate Calf Barns” (OCCB) are sturdy group housing for calves from 1 to 14 weeks of age. The material is made of 53 mm Propylene plastic. The excellent climate promises smooth calf rearing with best breeding results. It accommodates 7-10 calves per barn which can be expanded by adding further compartments.

Our services include-

  • - Calf Housing
  • - Milk Replacers
  • - Supplementary Products
  • - Quality Reared Calves
  • - Livestock Health & Advice