Why choose our equipment?

At The Calf Company we firmly believe that the right equipment is vital if the correct results are to be achieved. Our technicians can install any equipment that is required and train the producer in its proper usage.

Calf Cots

It is vitally important that the new calf is placed in a clean pen as soon as possible. This dramatically reduces the risk of the young calf contracting disease.

The cots can be wheeled out of the calf housing, cleaned and returned when dry. The cot is particually useful for year round calving herds, were there is little time for cleaning and disinfecting the calf accommodation. Please consult your Calf Company specialist for a detailed feeding plan.

Mechanical Mixers

The mechanical mixers we supply are made from stainless steel which makes them hygienic and easy to clean. Mixers are a vital piece of equipment for upwards of 20 calves per day.

These mixers are supplied in a range of sizes from 90 to 1000 litres. The larger mixers are supplied with a pump and hose which allows 200 calves to be fed in less than 15 minutes.

What size mixer do i need?

Number of calves Milk mixed per feed Mixer size Type
20-30 90/litres 90 litres 90 Litre capacity on wheels
30-60 180/litres 200 litres 200 Litre capacity on wheels
60-150 450/litres 500 litres 500 Litre static mixer with pipeline and pump
150-300 900/litres 1000 litres 1000 Litre static mixer with pipeline and pump

Feeding Troughs

Many calves in Europe are fed using duel function troughs which allow both milk replacer and a TMR maize diet to be fed at the same time.

These trough can be fitted as part of a new installation or as a bespoke refitting project.